Repping School Colors

So we’ve gone over the importance of throwback jerseys, and we’ve gone over repping hometown colors when it comes to sports teams, and as i mentioned earlier, bros love where they came from, and will argue that wherever they went is the greatest until the day they die.

Now when I say school colors, I don’t really mean the white and forest of our prestigious Ohio University, because all that really says is that my parents visited and we were in the book store and I took advantage of the ability to cop some free threads off them. Obviously, wearing OU colors at any point in time is fine, but i want to discuss a deeper admiration for the places we grew up.

When I say school colors, I mean high school and grade school colors. When black and yellow came out, I was furious at the timing, it was after I had graduated high school and those were our school colors, then you get down here, half my wardrobe is black and yellow, and people start to say bandwagon, and we’ve covered the fallacies in that. A huge part of bro fashion is letting people know where you are from, not only is it a great conversation starter with the broads, but it also assures your self-confidence, and that will become easily detectable.

No matter how terrible our football team was in high school (ours was 0-9 my junior year), or how terrible shape the gym is in, or how much of a smoke show your chemistry teacher was, we will always proclaim our school to be prime. If you don’t believe me ask a kid that went to St. Ignatius to claim that St. Eds was better… good luck. We wear our school colors with pride, more than likely repping the sport or sports we played there. Nothing like wearing a 2006 hockey state championship shirt up morton hill and walking by someone in their varsity crew jacket… absurd.

Extra points goes to the bro who still has attire from junior high or grade school, because if there is one continuous theme that goes into bro fashion, it is the power of a throwback. Because we all were all stars in elementary school, leading scorers of the 5th grade basketball team averaging an astounding 6.5 points per game, with 3 steals, and 15 missed lay-ups. We ran that elementary school, and it needs to be put into the public. It’s not being arrogant, or cocky, its just being real.

Us bros represent our hometowns to the fullest extent of the law. Because no matter how rich, poor, populous, rural, urban the neighborhood is that you came from, it is still where you came from. And it will remain in your blood until the day you die. Good looks Traverse City Central. So wear your colors proud, and don’t let anyone say their high school trumps yours.

Bro Hard OU.


About brodupfromthetoesup

I'm a 20 year old sophomore at Ohio University double majoring in online journalism and english. I write for Thread Magazine, Ohio University's only online fashion magazine about "Bro" Fashion - the do's, the don'ts, and everything in between. So keep your flow long, your mid-calfs pulled up, and your throwback jersey on nice and snug.
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